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Beirut Souks Cinemacity

Beirut Souks Cinemacity welcomes you with its 15 high-end cinema halls and 2 VIP halls, all equipped with the latest technologies and perfect acoustics.

The vast complex adds so much more to the movie-going experience with its creative design, many restaurants and cafes spread over 3 floors, and of course its ever-exciting selection of international blockbusters.

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Cosmocity is a futuristic entertainment center that could transport you, every day, to a brave new world; a place where fun and adventure roam free.  Room after room, CosmoCity is filled with games of all kinds. Some are made for the young to enjoy, others are for those with a bit more skill and experience, and some are just for everyone. Whether you’re celebrating a win, winding down with a meal or just playing with friends, this fantastical portal will completely take over your sense of normality.

How will you possibly get to know every corner of this fantastical space?

Planet Discovery