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Cocoa & Co

Cocoa & Co. is a concept boutique café located in the heart of the charming traditional downtown of Beirut, Lebanon, in Beirut Souks. Founded 8 years ago by Hala Audi Beydoun, Cocoa & Co. is today the trend-setter of handmade uniquely designed cakes, cookies and funky treats.

Hala's passion for baking started at home baking birthday cakes for her daughters in 2000. Amid strong demand from friends and acquaintances, Hala created Cocoa & Co. the next year. Since then, Cocoa & Co has opened a boutique café, a ``Kitch'in'' central baking space and is planning to expand its yummy business to satisfy markets at home and abroad.

Clients are cake lovers, caterers, corporate firms, retail shops, restaurants, chocolatiers and souvenir shops. Cocoa & Co caters for birthdays, newborn events, baby showers, weddings, engagements, corporate events, holidays, and every special occasion possible.

Cocoa & Co.'s boutique café is a haven of colors, design and taste. It offers mouth-watering cakes, brownies, caramel popcorn, cookies and other yummies. The treats can be purchased as take-away or savored with tea or coffee in the designer café.

Cocoa & Co. only uses the finest and freshest ingredients. We also use the most delicious ones too. Each recipe is made from scratch by trained bakers and designers. What sets Cocoa & Co. apart is their attention to detail. Each creation is carefully designed and individually decorated by hand. No two items are exactly the same.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Cocoa & Co. Customers are offered special consultations to produce the cake or cookies of their dreams. We offer upscale customized service and fast execution. 

Cocoa & Co. offers children the opportunity to have special birthday experience with a cookie decoration session. Children learn the essentials of what goes into making a cupcake and a cookie, and are given directions to create their own unique designs. Individual expression and creativity is embraced at Cocoa & Co.

Putting a smile on the face of the young and the not so young is what Cocoa & Co. is all about!