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Häagen-Dazs started in 1921 in New York, as a family business. In 1961 Mr. Mattus “the owner “, decided to create a new company dedicated exclusively to produce the only best ice cream available. He called his new super premium brand “Häagen-Dazs”.

Mr. Mattus and his team continued their meticulous work to create new flavors. A simple flavor like strawberry, for example, was in development for a full six years while the Häagen-Dazs team searched for all types of strawberries worldwide.

At the heart of every ice cream recipe is always fresh cream, egg yolk, skimmed milk and sugar, combined with fine ingredients from around the world. There are no artificial colours in Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

To create the subtle flavors, no trip is too long to find the finest ingredient: the sweetest sun-ripe strawberries, the finest cocoa, the most well scented vanilla and the best coffee.

The First Shop Häagen-Dazs was founded in 1976 in New York by Doris, the daughter of the founder of the brand, which had to quickly develop the network of Häagen-Dazs shops across the country after the success and popularity that had the first store.

The shops are subsequently become a true global phenomenon with the launch of stores in Japan, France and Great Britain.

In Lebanon, the first shop was established in 2003 and was succeeded by the openings of other stores. In April 2010, the shop at Beirut Souk has opened its doors. Another genuine friendliness and relaxation atmosphere that invites you to become completely immersed in a world of greed, sharing and fun.