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Beirut Souks brings people together to celebrate life and share unforgettable moments of joy. From concerts to fashion shows, street animations and outdoor events at the Gold Souks, there are exciting events throughout the year. Check out the latest and get a quick look at the upcoming happenings.


Khan Al Joukh Christmas Market

Join us at Khan Al Joukh for its Christmas edition where residents welcome other craftsmen and designers around the Gold Souk square in a warm and festive atmosphere. 
December 12 - 17, 4PM to 10PM 

BlockSfinj – creative foam design 
Creative Space Beirut – fashion school, tailors, and retail space 
Gray Gardens - plant studio 
Salim Azzam– embroidery designer and storyteller 
Studio 2 – textile pattern design and paper objects 
Starch foundation – 12 designers 

ANA – Embroidered dolls 
Keen Handmade Design – traditional yet modern home and personal accessories 
Maiia – knit and crochet clothing and home accessories 
Mario Chamalian – vintage eyewear 
Roger Maaraoui – jewelry design 
Soraya Ghezelbash – silkscreen pillows, bags, and clothes 
The Good Thymes – fresh all-natural products 
Michkaä – nomadic snack concept