About Us

A premiere shopping and leisure destination at the heart of the capital city Beirut.

Beirut Souks offers a vibrant shopping and leisure district within a historic and cosmopolitan urban fabric. As it follows the ancient street grid that existed since pre-Roman times and integrates archaeological features and public art, the Souks experience charms the spirit and enriches the mind. Visitors can stroll along the souks, some of which have vaulted ceilings covered with skylights, while others are open to the heavens. All enjoy a natural aeration system and are interconnected by pleasant gathering spaces. As a shopping district and a people’s place, Beirut Souks offers a trendy mix of signature stores, boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, children activities, and entertainment. At the northeast end of the souks stands Beirut Souks CinemaCity, one of the largest standalone multiplex in the region. Along with a gaming arcade, a food court and three concession areas, it houses 15 movie theaters, including two VIP theaters with their private lounge. Beirut Souks is within walking distance of the city’s residential, business, and Hotel district and offers vehicular access, with ample parking space.