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The brand Bleu comme gris Paris was created with the aim to bring back the prestige of school uniforms. Established in 2008, the brand is now a reference for parents as well as schools that wish to propose uniforms to their students. Today, the school uniform is no longer a sign of strictness but rather of differentiation. This is why all the Bleu comme gris’ collections are made with attention to detail and the desire to create aprons that are different, sober and fashionable. Following the success of BCG School uniforms, Vanessa Marrapodi, the artistic director of Bleu comme gris, decided in 2010 to expand the brand’s range and offer every day, casual smart clothing. Timeless, classic fashion known for its subtle colors becomes up-to-date thanks to the contemporary touches added by the brand. The collections become rapidly a must have for every trendy teenager, girl or boy. In September 2014, Bleu comme gris decided to expand its offering and to associate with Maloup, a brand famous for stylish and comfortable pyjamas and for its ready-to-wear children collection. Together, the brands created a new range of pyjamas and loungewear – « Bleu comme gris by Maloup » that is incorporated in Bleu comme gris’ collections. Bleu comme gris offers in all its stores and all year round, trendy clothing for children 0 to14 years old.