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Kenzo Kids

Kenzo's first work borrowed a lot from traditional Japanese styles but it was his 'big silhouette' designs which drew worldwide attention. His designs made him a sort of trendsetter for young fashion area. In Japan, he is highly regarded as a pioneer who introduced Japanese fashion design to a world audience. Always very selective when choosing materials, he uses unusual mix of colors and materials, bright and rich prints.

Mixing Japanese sensitivity and European elegance, Kenzo has always worked towards a multicultural world, a world of colors and beauty, with nature as a vibrant, inexhaustible source of inspiration. Classic, contemporary, or visionary, the women, men and children collections created by Kenzo are based on values of life, energy, and a deep equilibrium.

The children’s line KENZO Kids is dedicated to the young trendies who want to stand out from the crowd. KENZO Kids is the art of mixing moods and escaping from the humdrum, while keeping an informed, contemporary eye to all that’s rich and unusual in the world. KENZO’s collections are an invitation to travel in a different and constantly surprising new way. The brand’s themes explore the marriage of contrasts: shimmering shades teamed with neutral tones, fine and woven fabrics in a patchwork mix, floral prints combined with graphic designs.