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Liban Post

In a country where everyone is facing challenges on a daily basis, LibanPost opted for a creative mix of commitment and modernization, particularly in turning obstacles into daily opportunities for growth and success. LibanPost is fully dedicated to be the Life facilitator of its customers and is hence offering diverse services to cover all of their needs.


Apart from the regular mailing services, LibanPost customers can send and receive transfers with MoneyGram, they can pay their phone bills, their loans, their cable fees, their Lebanese university tuitions and their traffic and parking tickets.


LibanPost clients can select from a variety of QuiQ prepaid cards available at all post offices without the hassle of a bank account; they can send their packages inside and outside Lebanon at competitive and affordable prices through PostXpress. Several formalities with Lebanese ministries from interior and municipalities to labor, finance, public work, education, health and foreign affairs, Defense, Justice, Water & Energy and the Council of Ministries are also available at the LibanPost Post offices.


All those services can be requested from the comfort of the customers’ address through Home Service by simply calling 1577.


LibanPost is truly the Daily Life Facilitator of its customers.